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We had our first ever "Foodie Friday" field trip on Friday, June 3rd. We went to lunch at:
"South Spice"-a new Indian restaurant that just opened at The Fountains Shopping Center (corner of Ardrey Kell and Tom Short Rd)
We had a nice group of 8, a really great turnout for the launch of our fun Friday lunches and food adventures. We even had two brave souls in the crowd who do not like spicy food or Indian food, but wanted to challenge themselves to try something new. Kudos Trish and Alicia for being so brave!! You make us proud. Just keep that H2O close by, right?
This restaurant is in the space that most of you remember as Delancey Street Deli, but it has had a face lift and some warm colors and booths built in. They have a way to go with spiffying up the restrooms, but it is a much softer and more serene setting. They have beautiful patio tables and a nice area to dine al fresco(unless it is 95 degrees out). Enough about decor, let's get to the the most important part.......
FOOD!! I was surprised at first that lunch was a buffet only (unless you order off the dinner menu). However, I must say that after I got over my buffet snobbery.......I was quite excited and pleased to be able to try so many different dishes for the meager price of $9.95 per person. They had the traditional samosas, tandoori chicken and tikka masala..but they also had the most tender and succulent goat dish(my first ever goat...but not my last) and several other dishes with vegetables and chick peas, as well as coconut sauce, mint pesto and tamarind sauce for dipping. A traditional "soup" with some melt in your mouth pancakes. We saw the largest and most delicate crepe come out of the kitchen! It was a show stopper. I will be putting that on my list to try at dinner. The wait staff was efficient, but I would have loved a bit more education on the dishes and what and how to eat and combine flavors. I always have a million questions anyway and I love to "soak" up the knowledge of foods I am not as familiar with and try to experience them in full! SO, ask questions. Servers are not forthcoming with recommendations.
Our gratuity was added (18 percent) due to the size of our party, but we were informed about it.
Overall, though it may not be the fine dining experience(or the  higher prices)  of "Blue Taj" or "Copper," we are fortunate to have them in the neighborhood and I look forward to strolling down for dinner on the patio (when it cools off) . They offer takeout as well, so give them a try!
Review of Harvest Moon Grille at the Dunhill Hotel coming next.......stay tuned!