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 "Jill is my go to chef for any parties I host.  From book club to a going away party, she has never let me down.  My guests always rave about the food and I can concentrate on the party, not on the cooking. Her prices are completely reasonable and she delivers!  I cannot recommend her enough!  I've also had her cook dinner for my family and even my picky kids eat what she cooks."
Jen Lancaster, Charlotte

Thanks so much for a delightful Friday evening.  The class was great and the salmon was delicious the next day.
I really am looking forward to your next class.  I also liked all the tips you gave us.
Barbara, Charleston, SC
After a long day at work, it’s awesome to come home and to not have go directly into dinner prep mode.  These wonderful homemade meals arrive at your front door, warm and  ready to eat just moments after you arrive.  Talk about taking the stress out of a long day! Thanks Jill. 
Johanna and Bruce
My family is a long-time customer of "What's for Dinner?". It is an incredible service that leaves one with very warm feelings of hearth and home. This is because you get to eat, in the comfort of your home, meals that are impeccably prepared. The food from WFD is simply out of this world! Every time I eat a WFD  dish, I find myself looking forward to having it again! The meals run the gamut from old favorites (e.g., meat loaf and lasagna) to new culinary experiences. They are all great! What's more, the entire family enjoys them, which given the picky nature of my kids, is quite an achievement!
Service from WFD always comes with a smile. It is a great cost saver, particularly when one factors in the time-savings aspect. WFD also provides relief from the workday conundrum of what can be made for dinner quickly that will satisfy everyone in my hungry crowd! Why waste time thinking about it, doing it, and being criticized for it? WFD is the solution!  
Ken Eisdorfer

As one who orders regularly, I can honestly say that Jill has all the qualities of a fabulous chef - creativity, dependability and the ability to produce fabulous meals. Jill is a true "foodie".  There is nothing like coming home to a warm meal, made with fresh ingredients by someone who pours love into everything she does. The service is easy to use and the meal portions are generous and affordable.  Her Shrimp and Grits Rock!! 
Lynne Bowler
How fortunate I was to have lived in the same neighborhood as Jill for five years so that when she started her business, my husband and I, both of whom had long work hours, were able to have hot, delicious meals on the table when we arrived home from work!  Not only were Jill’s meals absolutely mouth-watering, healthy and delicious, but her prices were wonderful!  How many times we commented that it was so nice to come home to a nice, warm, healthy dinner, without having to cook ourselves, or go back out, wait in line at a restaurant (which could sometimes be “hit or miss” as far as the food and the service, not to mention having to tip for sometimes “so-so” service, and then to pay a premium for “who-knows” what food we were really getting). . . . .  How much better it was to open the door at the designated time (our choosing) and to see Jill’s smiling face with a fresh, hot and delicious meal for us, which we knew had been prepared with only the freshest ingredients!
And then, after my husband’s passing (he was the “cook” in our family), I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to be able to call on Jill and have her wonderful individual meals delivered to my home, at the time designated by me, and always with her smile and warm hug!  Not only did Jill cook and deliver my meals for the last year and a half, but the wonderful women’s club in our neighborhood also gave me Jill’s Gourmet Food gift certificates after my husband’s passing (what a very thoughtful gift!)—a gift certificate anytime of Jill’s meals is the perfect present for anyone who is busy at work, celebrating a birthday, or just needs that extra “loving support” during any of life’s ups and downs.
I highly recommend Chef Jill for both her excellent culinary skills and her warm and friendly service!
Crystal Day Desch
I thought you might want some feedback. It was really great. You can't beat good food, good company and great information all combined!  Also I really like the way you did the book. The pictures are extremely helpful and I love the large print. Also enjoyed the helpful hints like spraying the measuring cup for syrupy things. Wish I had known that years ago. It was also helpful to be able to try out different tools.

I definitely want to take the pressure cooker class.

I had the best time at your cooking class on Pressure Cooking.  I have always been so afraid of pressure cookers and never wanted to try anything that involved using one for fear of blowing up my kitchen.  I'm happy to report that my fear of pressure cooking is gone and I went out and bought a Cuisinart Pressure Cooker the very next day.  I can't believe how easy it is and how much time it saves me.  Thanks!!
The class was not only informative, but also a lot of fun. Where else can you learn how to make 4 scrumptious meals in a pressure cooker, taste different wines with each, gab with new friends and enjoy the fruits of your labor, all in the same evening. Everything was so delicious and quick and easy to cook.  It was a blast!!  Thank you so much! 
Minx Klawinski
My kids made me the best Mother's Day brunch ever at Chef Jill's kids cooking class!!!!  Chef Jill did an OUTSTANDING job!, even my five year old was interested and engaged.  My kids LOVED it and are already looking forward to their next cooking adventure with chef Jill.   I lam overjoyed by the whole experience and heartily recommend Chef Jill's kids and adult cooking classes to everyone!  What a truly fun and rewarding experience for my entire family.  Thank You Chef Jill!!
Lisa Brownstead
Founder/Owner-Pretty Postures,LLC

"I am a wine consultant and I do in-home wine tastings. Jill hosted a wine tasting for me and the table was so beautifully and creatively set, and the food that Jill prepared to pair with the wines was delicious. Thanks to Jill's talents and preparations, all I had to do was show up and conduct the tasting -- everything else was beautifully set up and delicious. Working with her was such a treat, I can't wait for her to do another tasting!"   
Sheryl Spangler